Meet Melissa...

Enthusiastic. Curious. Outgoing. Empathetic. A little bit of a rule-breaker (especially if it's going to get a great shot!). Definitely a people person. But with a deeper, introverted side. Always craving authenticity. And striving to help others seek out the best version of themselves. Embracing and teaching self-love. Counselor full-time. Photographer part-time. And loving everything life has to offer ALL the time.

Oh, Hey There!

Thanks for being here! I love being able to share this side of my life with so many cool people, so just wanted to fill you in on a little background about who I am and where I come from.

(The obligatory part...)

Torn between the helper and creative sides of myself when deciding my career path, I decided to go into a service profession and am a full time middle school counselor (crazy, right?!). And I love it! But the creative side is still strong and I need to fulfill that. Long story short, when I was in grad school and substitute teaching, I stumbled upon photography in a more serious way, FELL IN LOVE, realized it was my "thing," and ran with it. And still running!

(What I really want you to know...)

I have a deep love for life in all forms (including both people and things that grow from the Earth, so see my little "P.S." below). I want to help the most genuine YOU, shine through an experience that adds memorable value to your life. Whether that's true lifestyle photography, in your spit-up covered shirt and messy bun, holding brand new life. Or decked out to the nines to forever bond your love on your wedding day. Maybe showcasing all your favorite vibes for some senior portraits or headshots (ahem! calling all influencers!). Let me capture those true, genuine, moments. Seriously. Because it's kind of my favorite.

-Melissa (or Mel, as many call me)

P.S. I'm pretty obsessed with nature, sunrises/sets, and adventures. Nothing will get in my way to get a cool shot! Check out some of my favorites below, from my backyard to across the world (literally)!